Memphis School of Excellence High School


MSE Winchester STEM Vision:
At Memphis School of Excellence, Winchester, we stand out from the crowd of other charter schools within Shelby County. To this point, all of our students participate in our STEM program. As a STEM focused school, our characteristics such as cross-curricular project based learning, STEM focused extra-curriculars, and technology based pedagogy allow our students and teacher to sharpen their 21st century skills and permeate every single content area. Inside Memphis School of Excellence, Winchester, our students are immersed in engineering design activities in all grade levels, pursue individual interests, and our staff are routinely engaged in STEM based professional development opportunities.
Project-Based Learning:
Our students participate in regular project-based learning activities that allow them to
experience solving real-world problems by applying concepts learned in the classroom.
STEM Career Integration:
Students partner with the following organizations to encourage career exploration and
community service in addition to their project-based learning.